About Us

The Bagel Den was born from the idea that authentic, artisan bagels are the best way to eat a sandwich! We remain dedicated to our local community by providing supremely fresh ingredients with sustainability to the environment in mind. Come in for any meal of the day and choose from our unique flavors, made-scratch-daily schmears, and your favorite drink of choice.

New York Bagels

What makes Bagel Den’s bagel the very best is that Big Apple taste! Great care is used in sourcing bagel dough from Long Island, New York to ensure every bagel has that famous NYC chewy texture. Once the dough reaches our kitchen, fresh every single week, locally-sourced ingredients are added to make all 19 unique flavors. Add to that our made-in-house bagel schmear and you have a winning combination that can’t be beat. The dough is the secret but the craftsmanship of the bagel itself, makes each every bite incredible. That’s why our favorite saying is “Born in New York, Baked in Utah” because only Utah can craft a bagel this well.

Our Story

Matt Johnson set out to create the ultimate bagel shop when he relocated to the Heber Valley, bringing with him a love of New York City bagels. His vision has always been to have an open and laid-back vibe where everyone is welcomed and the menu brings you back. Bagel Den is just that – a refreshingly hip place to be with endless ways to satisfy your hunger. Most important to Matt is his desire to be a sustainable, responsible products consumer, while also sourcing as close to local as possible in the most “rawest” state. The Bagel Den uses earth-friendly products and ensures all his offerings are made locally fresh just for you. There are no shortcuts here – just the most pure form of ingredients, single-sourced meats, and best sandwich-building skills around!

Make a Bagel Den break your favorite part of the week!